Rent a luxary Dublin holiday short term rental apartment

Welcome to my home

My name is Dáithí. I'm a medical student at University College Dublin. I'm working specifically on diagnostic medicine with computer science to help cure and limit suffering for people with cancer. Previously I graduated Computer Science at Trinity and I have also did a postgraduate degree in micro devices and body area networks at University College Cork.

I rent my apartment to help fund my college fees and also to meet great people from all over the world.

I also have a great interest in Irish history in Dublin and across the island of Ireland. I will be happy to tell you about any part of Ireland that takes your interest.

I am also a pilot and if it is summer and I'm not at university I would be happy to discuss taking guests on tours of Ireland in my plane if interested. This will be VFR flying and depends entirely on favourable weather conditions.

I travel a lot myself and I know what I look for when I rent an airbnb place! Apart from being highly presentable I also have focused on little things like sockets so you can plug and play your mobile devices so my apartment has sockets for Ireland and Central Europe, mobile and tablet charging stations throughout the apartment and bedrooms and fibre optic WIFI, Netflix and full flat screen cable TV to enjoy! If the weather is bad on your visit don't worry as you can hang out and enjoy the apartment as a second home.

I have travelled the world pretty much and I have lived for a few years in The Netherlands and New Zealand (where I learned to fly).

I play piano as well as Irish traditional fiddle and low whistle. Tá Gaelinn agam / I speak Irish, English and basic school level French.

Enjoy my apartment! It will hopefully be the highlight of your stay in Dublin.